While all the weddings I perform for are special, the one I played at this past weekend had quite a bit of “extra-special-ness”! I had the distinct honor of being asked to play for my brother Joel and his bride Maegen’s big day in Rochester, NY. It truly was a fabulous wedding weekend, since all 3 of my siblings were there, and we had a great time celebrating together. For me, it was great to be a performer AND a guest this time.

Now you may be wondering how I traveled to from NC to NY with my 6 foot tall/70 lb instrument – well, I didn’t! We were able to rent a terriffic harp for me to use, eliminating the need to put mine on an airplane (yikes). If you are also wondering if I can perform for your wedding in Jamaica or Paris, the answer is a resounding YES (I’d actually be pretty excited about that!)…..for a small fee (think: travel and harp rental).

Joel and Maegen wanted a ceremony with a classic feel, but with more individuality than the popular songs you hear at most weddings. They did a great job choosing music that fit what they wanted perfectly:

Pre-ceremony ~ I played a mix of some classical music with love songs that I thought matched their other ceremony music: Arioso (Bach), Come What May (from Moulin Rouge), Forever And A Day (Jewel)

Processional (Attendants and Bride) ~ Dawn (from Pride and Prejudice)

Unity Candle Lighting/Reading ~ The Swan (Saint Saens)

Recessional ~ Chapel of Love (performed by The Dixie Cups)

Congratulations to my brother Joel and my new sister-in-law Maegen!